Parents Speak

Parents views on their experiences at the HELP CHILD for their Children with academic difficulties:

” My daughter has shown improvement in studies..! “

I have two daughters and my younger daughter Meshali studying in class IV was diagnosed to have Learning Difficulty by a Neuropsychologist in the city. The doctor suggested me to take the child for remedial teaching classes. I enrolled my child to this center. Before joining the classes my daughter could not write the alphabet of the English and Tamil letters and use to make spelling mistakes. But now she is able to write words and answers the simple questions. Here the teachers are very kind and help my daughter to understand each concept. Now my daughter has shown improvement in studies.

Mrs. H. Umadevi (Mother)

” The teachers are very friendly and very approachable..! “

My son A. Nithin is studying in class II. He is ADHD child. When he entered class I he had difficulty in concentration, he could not sit for more than ten minutes in a place. He had difficulty in identifying English alphabet (small letters) b- d confusion, difficulty in doing addition and subtraction sums. After coming to remedial classes his problem in those areas has come down. The teachers are very friendly and firm with the students. The teachers are very approachable and giving guidance to parents.

Mrs. Priya (Mother)

” Overall academic performance improved..! “

My child Ms. Divya Bharathy is studying in class VII in a private school in Chennai. She made spelling mistakes in all the subjects. She could not concentrate in the studies. After consultation with the doctors who identified her to have Learning Difficulty suggested us to attend remedial teaching class. Hence we enrolled her at the Help Child in November 2013. After attending the classes I am happy to say that she has shown improvement in her overall academic performance.

Mother of Class VII Girl

It is not easy being a mother and seeing your child struggle with dyslexia. My daughter was diagnosed in the 90’s when the awareness around learning difficulties and disabilities was not prevalent. It is crucial to get children the help they need, but more importantly, give them the tools, confidence and courage to pursue their dreams. We have to see education a way to empower them, not as a mere road to qualifications. With the help of Dr. B.S.Virudhagirinathan and his educational specialist Ms. Jyothi, my daughter was able to learn how to navigate the obstacles she faced. My daughter went on to became Barrister, graduated Yale and is now a published author. I request all the parents to stand by their children, they need our love and support.

Mrs. Vasanthakumari

I have been sending my daughter to Dr. Virudhagirinathan for past 2 years to correct her Reading Disability. Thanks to the DR and his team of well experienced teachers Mrs. Sylvia and Mrs.Indira, she has improved drastically. She is become a confident girl after going to regular classes.

Mrs. Shreekala

Hi sir, The classes are really great and my son Bhaavikh enjoys Ms.Sylvia mam’s class. I guess my son will improve soon. Dr. Virudhagirinathan is such a great man and experience person, he is down to earth person. Thank you so much HELP CHILD team.

Mrs. Bharathi

We have consulted Dr. B.S. Virudhagirinathan 2 years back and came again for consultation after corona, a very good psychologist in Chennai, we hope the best and spoke with him, he gave us positive comments and treated my son in a very kind manner and also suggested remedial classes. They are having well trained experienced special educators. My son was very low in basic academic level & writing skills, and don’t know to hold the pencil properly. So we joined him for classes. Only after joining there, he got lot of improvement. He has very good special educators,I like the Dr. and his confident to train a special child very easily. I like the way they teach the special kids.

Mrs. Saranya

My son R. G. Vinay has been attending special education with Mrs. Sylvia and Mrs. Indira of Help Child from the month of May. We see definite improvement in his behaviour. Vinay has started to show interest in picking up writing skill. I thank the special educators for their dedication and support.

Mrs. Roshini Ganesh