Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is dyslexia the faulty of either of the parents?
Certainly it is no one’s fault though in some cases it is thought that it may be genetically transmitted.


2. Is Learning Difficulty infectious?
No, it is definitely not infectious. It is not a disease but a disorder in learning to read, write, spell and do mathematical concepts.


3. Can Learning Difficulty occur suddenly in child’s life?
Yes, “Acquired Learning Difficulty” is caused by brain damage but this is different from developmental learning difficulty.


4. Can Learning Difficulty be cured?
There is “No Cure” but much can be done with both support and appropriate teaching. The difficulties become very much less with specific help even though they may not totally disappear.


5. Can Learning Difficulty be clinically diagnosed?
Yes, often by examination by clinical psychologist.


6. Are there any facilities / allowance for the children with Learning Difficulty in examinations?
Yes, provided a detail psychological report is submitted to the school or educational department to get allowance which varies from child to child.